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$295 Annual Donation

  • Provides tuition, uniforms, meals, and transportation

  • You may choose one or more students

  • Your donation will auto-renew, but you may opt out if you prefer


$25 Monthly Donation

  • Provides tuition, uniforms, meals, and transportation

  • You may choose one or more students

  • Your donation will auto-renew, but you may opt out if you prefer


General Fund Donation

  • You select the amount

  • One-time donation

  • Your donation will be used in the area of greatest need, or you can specify a specific project


2022: Rebuilding our kitchen and cafeteria

  • Supply over 100,000 meals each year 

  • Replace dangerous, unhealthy wood stoves with propane

  • Upgrade wood structure that is vulnerable to storms

Our current structure is made of wood and sheet metal. Built in 2012, it was never intended to be permanent, and over the years has significantly degraded. The structure was repaired first in 2016 and again in 2018 after a storm largely destroyed the roof and walls. We will rebuild to the standards of our other concrete buildings.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 1.6 million people a year die of health effects resulting from toxic indoor air. The typical cooking fire produces about 400 cigarettes’ worth of smoke an hour, and prolonged exposure is associated with respiratory infections, eye damage, heart and lung disease, and lung cancer. In the developing world, health problems from smoke inhalation are a significant cause of death in both women and children under five. We will upgrade our facilities to propane and install proper sinks, prep tables and storage areas.

Your donation may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes. Your information is secure with us, and we will never release or resell your information to third parties. Donations are processed by our partner Network for Good, which is what you will see on your credit card statement. 

Corporate matching

Please check with your company or organization to see if they offer matching grants for your donation! This is a great way to extend the power of your contribution, and we ask all of our supporters who are currently employed to look into this. Thanks!

Our new guideline for small direct gift to students

The board has discussed and adopted a guideline for giving small gifts directly to students.  We understand and appreciate the natural inclination to give a little extra to specific students that you might be sponsoring, but in order to make it fair for all our students, sponsored and unsponsored, the board would like to encourage gifts that include all our student body such as our year-end celebration party. For more details on our guideline and the reasons behind it, please read it here.

A note on assigning students to sponsors

Since 2004, having sponsors directly support one or more students has been the backbone of our charity. We work with our principal on a monthly basis to account for the 300+ students on campus to ensure that our records are up to date and that students are matched to sponsors. However, due to the economic pressures in rural Cambodia, students sometimes suddenly leave the area with their families to search of work in other areas. When a student does leave, it is our policy to reassign an unsponsored student to the departed student’s supporter. We hope you will understand if your sponsored student has left and we assign you a new student. They are all deserving, and are all extremely appreciative of your support.  If you have any questions, please reach out to any board member for details.

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