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Enrichment & Support Programs

Student Nutrition 

The school provides breakfast and lunch to all students every day that school is in session. We did the math, and we calculated that feeding 300 students twice a day for about 180 school days a year is well over 100,000 meals a year.


The school didn't start out with the intent to provide this program, but in the early years of the school, our founder Hans Eide noticed many students were coming to school hungry and could not concentrate. At the time, there was no budget to feed the students, but Hans was undeterred. He said that we would start feeding the students twice a day, and that we would find the money.

Here's what happened: we started feeding the students, and thanks to our donors, we found the money.


The nutrition program is our second largest budgetary expense after staff salaries, and we think the expenditure is critical to our success. Anecdotally, we have been told by several sources over the years that due to the nutrition program, our students are noted to be healthier and bigger than others in the province.

Art Program

"Every child is an artist.The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."



The board believes that art is a critical part of a child's education, and we have created a special room in one of our buildings to foster a creative atmosphere. There are drawing and painting classes, and we are actively exploring how to expand the program to integrate the country's traditional art and dance, which was nearly eliminated during the Khmer Rouge era.

Click any of the images at left to see artwork and views of our artists in action!

Annual Ninth Grade Study Trip

“The bas-relief in the Terrace of the Elephants is beautiful,” said Vutha Sovic, 9th grader. “I love it.”

"It is a great trip for all of us! " said Ser Vanchhai, 9th grader. 

From the world-famous Angkor Wat to the shrines of Preah Ang Chek Preah and Ang Chorm that are said to protect the entire town of Siem Reap, we sponsor an annual study tour for our ninth graders to learn about their rich history.


Many of the students have not traveled and have not had the opportunity to visit the temples in and around the Angkor complex. We think this is an important enrichment activity and we seek donors each year to help defray the costs of the 25-member group.  

Dental Hygiene

Teeth brushing is a new activity for many of our students, and thanks to a grant of toothbrushes and toothpaste from Colgate Sweden, we were able to hold our first oral hygiene camp in November, 2018. 

We are currently seeking underwriters to help extend this program by having local dentists visit campus to provide more in-depth instruction and to provide supplies.

Vision Screenings

The school, in conjunction with global nonprofit eye care organization Seva Foundation, has hosted two eye screening camps, one in 2016 and the most recent in January, 2019.


At the 2019 event, eye care professionals performed vision tests on the entire student body of 300 along with more than 150 parents, grandparents and other guardians of the students.


They found that eight students and three teachers needed vision correction. Glasses have been provided as part of the eye camp service. In addition, 24 adults needed cataract surgery to restore their sight.

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