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2018-2019 school year kick off party

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

More than 25 supporters from around the world joined 300 students and hundreds of parents to celebrate the beginning of the new school year in November, 2018.

The yearly event that kicks off the school year has become something of a "don't miss" annual tradition for our board and supporters. It's easy to understand why when you see how much the students enjoy our visit and the joy that it brings us, no matter how far we've come.

“It's hard not to be overwhelmed when the students line the road leading the the school and applaud until all the donors are seated. It was an amazing experience, and my wife and I are thrilled to be new supporters of The Cambodia Academy." -Brian H, Boston, MA.

The annual school year kick off started in 2008 and has been growing steadily ever since. We encourage current sponsors to come to campus and experience the spirit of the students. Many tell us it is a life-changing experience.

More Than 25 Sponsors Joined the Board at the 2018 Event

A big crowd of more than 25 supporters from the US, Europe, Australia and Thailand attended the festivities in 2018. We send special thanks to the many members of the Rotary Club of Royal Hua Hin (Thailand) who took the long bus ride to participate in our events!

Along with eight board members, the group met in at the Rambutan Resort in Siem Reap on 31 October for our annual donor thank you reception, followed by a field trip to the school on 01 November.

We took two buses for the 2-hour ride to campus for the opening ceremony, which included speeches, student dancing, top student awards, a remembrance of Hans Eide and Vice Principal Teng, a group lunch, and art activities. The students sang the school song "I Think You're Wonderful" and many of the supporters joined in. As always, Principal Soviet Miech provided excellent leadership in planning and hosting the event. We always know that things will run smoothly with Soviet in charge!

Every year, donors tell us how meaningful the arrival on campus was to them. The video clip gives a small sense on what it's like.

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Team @ Cambodia Academy
Team @ Cambodia Academy
Jan 13, 2019

this was fun.

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