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9th Graders Visit Angkor Wat

Continuing a tradition started in 2018, graduating students took a study tour to the world-famous Angkor Wat complex.

On March 8th, the graduating ninth grade class of The Cambodia Academy visited Angkor Wat, one of the largest religious monuments in the world and a location of national, cultural and historical importance. It was designated UNESCO World Heritage site in 1992.

During the one-day outing, the group visited many of the sites in the Angkor Wat complex, including the Preah Ang Chek Preah and Ang Chorm Shrines; the Ta Prohm, Srah Srang, Ta Keo and Bayon Temples; and Angkor Wat itself. They also visited the Cambodian Cultural Village and enjoyed a buffet dinner at Tonle Mekong Restaurant.

The group was led and chaperoned by Soviet Miech, principal; Dara Pei, assistant principal; and several teachers. Our student feedback on this annual outing is extremely positive, and is something that they eagerly anticipate. It is a great opportunity for them to understand the rich history of the Khmer Empire, and to take pride in a national treasure that is truly a wonder of the world. The trip is funded by special donations each year.

“The five towers of Ta Keo temple are wonderful.” -Student Sout Chanika.

“The faces in the towers of the Bayon are fantastic. I like them the most.” -Student Ben Oddom.

“The bas-relief on the wall of Angkor Wat is beautiful. I love it.” -Student Mork Kimyan. “I like seeing wax statues of our famous authors, singers, soldiers, king and queen.”

-Student Say Seav Pinh, on The Cambodian Cultural Village.

“This is a great trip and a long-life memory for all of us.” -Student Huk Chhai Den.

“This journey is an experience of happiness for all students and teachers at Cambodia Academy.” -Teacher Ut Pirath.

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