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We're raising money for a new cafeteria!

We are busy raising money to upgrade our kitchen and rebuild our cafeteria building. We need to raise approximately $75,000 for a one-story structure and about $135,000 for a two-story structure. Our generous donors have already contributed $65,000. Thank you so much!

We are doing this for several reasons: our staff uses wood-fired stoves to cook, and the smoke is a serious health hazard. The new kitchen will have propane stoves, several sinks, ample preparation space, and lots of storage. Also, the building has been repaired several times but is reaching the end of its life. We need to rebuild in line with our other concrete buildings.

We would like to start the process in 2022, so now is the time to help us spread the word. Please take a look at the flyer, and contact us at for any questions you have or for ways you can help.

Kitchen campaign 2021 v4 10-1-21
Download PDF • 617KB

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